“You’re the only person who knows what they’re talking about,” someone said to me recently.

“What a compliment,” I said. But it’s true, I do have plenty of experience in this sector. More than 30 years.

I started out originally as a specialist visitor. After that I had various functions, mainly in the clinical field. I found it interesting and taught myself everything I needed to know.

Later I began with recruitment in pharma and biotech. I have built up companies and helped many candidates and organizations further.

Over such a long period of time you naturally develop a feeling for the companies where people would fit in. And vice versa; it is after all a collaboration.

Nobody sets targets for me, I do this work for my own enjoyment.

It gives me energy to provide someone with a gateway to a career and to guide him or her in the process. For me, openness is important. I am honest, so be honest with me.

Then I can find you a good match.


Josée Marsille

Josée Marsille

“Josée knows better than anyone what the core issues are in biotech and how to translate them into personality traits for successful candidates.

Her background in the development of pharmaceuticals in the industry means that she knows – from her own experience – what is important for us, so she comes up with candidates who fit into our culture.”


biotech company

Interested and specialized

Honest and clear

Long-term approach

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