Career coaching

Sounding board, analysis and advice

How is your career going? How are your studies progressing?
And: how are you going to get further?

Whether you still have to graduate, or have been working for a few years, or are already moving towards your last position: I can support you in making choices.

Perhaps you would just like to hear the opinion of an expert third party on your career planning. Or on the choice of your master.

Are you heading in the right direction?

Perhaps you would like to have more information about the sector, about how it works within pharmaceutical companies. Or would you like to hear useful things about biotech start-ups, for example?

Ask me, I am familiar with the sector.

I would enjoy helping you to find a good first or next job.

To provide good advice, I build on what I hear and see and on the Profile Dynamics results.

This is a personal analysis which gives you insight into what motivates you and what you like doing best. It will confirm (hopefully) what you are good at and the aspects you have difficulty with. It’s a powerful instrument and I often hear as a reaction:

Yes, that’s me.

Career advice

A well-founded direction indicator

We begin with a telephone conversation, and then you fill in the Profile Dynamics test online.

We see each other for a whole morning or afternoon – at a location in Den Bosch – and discuss the results of the test. We also talk about your study or work situation and what you want to achieve. 
You can ask me anything about Life Sciences & Health.

A combination of all the above leads ultimately to my advice about the best way for you to start or continue your career or study.

Your investment is € 600 excl. VAT.

Subsequent coaching sessions cost € 85 per hour excl. VAT.

Is this just what you need?

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