Good people are worth their weight in gold

Where are they? The people to help your company move forward?

I know plenty of them. And more arrive every day.

But I won’t just introduce them to you. First I want to have a good picture of who they are and exactly what they’re looking for.

If I think it’s a match, I’ll introduce them to you. Sometimes with an additional comment, because I conceal nothing. But I do accept everyone as they are.

I don’t just hand over a pile of CVs.

I don’t have targets to meet.

And if I can’t help you, I’ll say so.

I only introduce people when I expect the chemistry to work in the long term.

In addition, I offer the option of employing candidates for insourcing.

I keep an eye on people I have placed with mid-year and year-end evaluations.


After all, the good match you make together has to last.


“Josée has a keen nose for talent and knows how to maintain the connection with that talent. She also understands the culture of the company where she places her people.

This allows her to combine the talent and the company to make a great cocktail. As an employer, this provides me with continuity and success for my projects.” Carla

pharmaceutical company

It’s not easy to find a director business development for a startup company, marketing a process innovation in the Clinical Trial Arena.

Josee went the extra mile and found us (in time!) a Match who also wants to go the extra mile to change the process that will benefit all stakeholders in drug development. Hanneke

iClusion - Saving Precious Time: by bringing trials to patients

I know the market

I’m committed

Long-term collaboration

Shall I search for you?

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