How do you make sure you take the right step?

Are you ready for the next step?

Probably, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

You’ve just graduated,

or been working for a while, 

or you’ve already had quite a career.

It doesn’t matter. I can guide you through the step you’re currently taking. I place candidates in all sorts of functions, from junior to senior.

What they all have in common is that they are attractive functions in Life Sciences & Health: pharma, biotech and medical devices, clinical research or medical departments.

During a good conversation you make it clear to me where you want to head and what your interests and wishes are.

The ‘search engine’ in my head will immediately start to work for you.

I quickly get an idea about the company and function that will suit you.

If you find it difficult I can give you – even more – attention and let you do a test which will show you very clearly what your motivations are and in which environment you function well. Read more here under career coaching.

After all, it’s sensible to make these important choices and steps consciously.


“What I greatly appreciated was the extremely expert and personal way of providing guidance. This gave me confidence because I knew that I was going to my job interview with the best possible preparation.”

Geert – candidate


1. Conversation

Tell me who you are

and what you’re looking for.
I like getting to know

the person behind the CV.


2. Honest analysis

Together we get a clear picture

of what suits you.

Sometimes I say things

that are not so nice to hear.

3. Guidance

I am familiar with the sector

and I know the ropes.

Once you have started work,

I monitor how you are functioning.

Does that job really suit you?

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